“Getting closer to your Mega Project”

The concept of dualism :):

dark-bright, negative-positive

The way we don’t know ourselves completely, we don’t know the strength inside us, and we also don’t know about how many people are connected to us?
So in that regard, I will help others and provide this type of knowledge related to Self-esteem and self reflection.

Asking your self?

For this type of knowledge I talking to people like Intellectual, Open minded & Growth minded according to them, there is no such tradition in this society yet, So first of all we have to get people’s believes right They have to be given the right knowledge They have to be given the right knowledge.

keep going

problem statement is:

In education we are not taught what we are and what we can do, when a person knows about himself he can improve his life They do everything on their own If he does not know anything about himself, he will have difficulty in every aspect of life So for this, first of all, man must know about himself.so I am giving them this type type of knowledge.

Knowing your self…..!
who why when

So, I came with the idea of Awareness to people about this knowledge ;self-reflection webinars I am also providing some interesting books for how to develop the growth mindset I am also setting a meeting for them because we are talking freely to each other independently. also we can discuss about some philosophy and humanity.

Insights from this experience:

From this experience, I think am to correct people’s believes first, They think that these are all things that are of no use,
What will we gain by doing this in life? what can we do if we know ourselves? We just have to live our lives that easily.

And there are a lot of people who say, that’s a good thing I should know myself. Knowing ourselves will create confidence in us so that we can get to know others better. keep going.



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Waleed Ali

Waleed Ali


I am interested in Science philosophy cosmology psychology photography, I am very curios about our whole world & the humanity.